Hello! I’m Hannah.

I am an Adventurer. I began “Hannah Martin Photography” in 2011 by shooting family sessions to fundraise for a month long trip to Africa. Then, in 2012, I shot my first summer of weddings which made my trek from Ontario’s flat lands to BC’s stunning mountains financially possible. And now, I love to take couples to cool, adventurous locations surrounded by the Lower Mainland’s beautiful scenery.

I am a Romantic. Seriously, if my husband brings me home a chocolate bar, I might cry and say “oh you love me so much”. My heart is definitely the biggest part of my little 5’4 body. So I attempt to make moments of romance, either through the poses I put you in or the questions I ask you. Whether you’re beyond busy planning your wedding or you’re a parent of four trying to get some nice photos of the family, I aim to stop the busy to-do list for a moment and give you time to reflect on the amazing people you have in your life.

I am a Character. Since I was little, I loved performing. I loved being the centre of attention and doing dances or songs (let’s be real, I’ve left that career in my past due to being tone deaf). I love making people laugh. This quality has proved helpful for photography. I don’t just want to get awesome photos, I want you, your bridal party, and even your family members to have FUN with me. I want to give you an experience. Not just a bunch of photos. Plus, when you laugh at my jokes I feel affirmed, so it’s a mutual thing. So thanks for that.

So now that you know me, if you think I would be a good fit as your photographer or have any questions, I would love to be in touch and get to know you too.

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