PSA: I am the farthest thing from a travel blogger. Like for reals. I like to think I'm a pretty chill travel buddy. I'm fine waking up and letting whatever happens happen. But if you were to turn to me after dinner and say "so we should probably find a place to sleep, hey?". I'd probably stare back blankly before one of my eye starts twitching from the stress. 

That said, this post is less of a "here is our guide to Tofino" (because we were literally there for only 3 days) but instead, is our adventure with a few shout outs to some spots we loved. 

But before you get started, why don't I share a little about the amazing couple we spent this weekend with?
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Almost a year ago now, I was beginning my new adventure of building clientele in BC after our wedding (we are both originally from Ontario but met and fell in love out here. So it was a big deal setting our roots down in the Lower Mainland). I was sitting outside, scrolling through instagram when I hovered over a local photographer's post. I think I was really drawn to how transparent and authentic she came across. And for some crazy reason, I messaged her. I don't know what came over me. Perhaps, I was just overwhelmed with how new everything in my life was - a new city, a new life stage, a new career as I pursued photography full time. But that typical "blah" feeling that instagram can give creatives was tainting my heart all kinds of discouraging colours and I just needed to connect with another photographer. Her name was (and still is clearly) Cally Petersen from Cally Petersen Photography

I had zero idea that I had actually already met her husband only a week or two before at the Watershed Cafe in Langley (we didn't realize this till six months later into our friendship). I had no idea that she played violin just like my husband. And I certainly had no idea that we would find relationship not only in our photography but in our faith, in our lives as newly marrieds, or in our tender and transparent hearts. Jeez. AND THEN I ACTUALLY HUNG OUT WITH JOSH. And we realized that Cally + Joey (my husband) are practically the same person. Meanwhile, Josh and I are also freakishly alike. So we took the dive, we emotionally "swiped right" (lawls at that tinder joke though) and we fell hard. So much so that Joey and I had to say silly things like "it's probably too soon to text them right" after an amazing hang out. 

So of course, when both Cally and I had a weekend off from shooting weddings in June, we figured we had to plan something amazing. Then we realized that our Tofino weekend would be right in between both of our wedding anniversaries and the adventure became that much more special. 

Ugh. I can't keep talking about this because I'll get emotional. Long story short, Cally and Josh are two amazing people who you should really get to know (but not too well because we don't want them to like you better than us...*insert nervous laughter here*). I am so thankful that Jesus is faithful and brought solid friends like these two into our lives in one of the loneliest seasons. Sigh. 

Enough of this sappiness, click play on this song, go scroll away and get inspired to go to Tofino!