When I show up on a wedding day, I like to think I am completely prepared for absolutely anything. And in almost all cases, I am. But I was definitely not prepared for how much adventure Raelene + John had planned for their wedding day. We had to take their family quad to get to their first look location. We had to drive in the middle of nowhere on dirt roads to get to John's family home where the ceremony and reception took place (which was gorgeous ps). We even had to venture on the edges of cliffs + frolic (who says frolic anymore...) in giant fields during portraits. It certainly was a day to remember. 

But the most memorable part was not their mountain surrounded reception or the gorgeous rolling hills. Instead, it was their genuine love and excitement to become their own family. The tender way John looked at Raelene and the beautiful way she teared up during photos demonstrated just how much they truly adore one another. 

And it was absolutely perfect. 

Don't take my word for it though! Go have a look for yourself! 

Much love, 


Ps. Huge thanks to my amazing second shooter, Gabby, from Gabrielle Louise Photography.