I don't think I have the words to express how blessed I am to have couples in both Ontario and BC. It's always such a special thing coming home and spending time with my family while getting to photograph people in love! Sigh what a dream. 

Anyway, meet Sarah and Josh - a super giggly and wonderful couple. You'll also see a quick cameo (can I say cameo when it's not a film? Ah heck if I know) of their sweet pup! These two met online and after meeting in person, you could say it was love at first sight. Before long they were dating and now they're preparing for their wedding in October! 

When we connected in Ottawa, the weather was sooo strange. The sun was attempting to peek through some big dark clouds so you're going to see a bit of everything - from wind blown shots with moody tones to some warm sunset trying to stream through the trees. But more importantly, I hope you see the love these two have for each other exuding from each photo! 

Much love,