It's funny, this is a blog that I couldn't wait to write but now that I'm sitting here, I feel there aren't enough words to express how beautiful this day was. But I just want to share one thing: 

It's a normal thing for me to get emotional when shooting weddings, especially when I am already friends with or have developed a friendship with the couple. So don't be surprised if you catch me tearing up (or ugly crying). But there was something so magical and beautiful about Nathanael + Saria's first dance. As the music played and they danced, something happened in the room. Everyone got so quiet as the couple swayed back and forth, giggling to one another. And then it happened, my heart felt like it might burst and I just wanted to weep. It was SO beautiful. So my hope for the couple, their family and friends and even strangers reading this is that my photos can properly emulate that love, that excitement and that beauty that I felt so strongly on May 20th, 2017.  

Nathanael + Saria, you two are special people. You are gifted so uniquely and are genuinely meant for each other. I am so honoured you chose me to document such an important day. I am believing for great things in your future as you enjoy the amazing journey of marriage! 

Love you guys!