On May 6th, 2017,  Ben + Annie said yes to forever and became a family.  

Their wedding party, their family, and all of their guests were bursting with love and joy for the new couple which always makes the day that much sweeter. And to top it all off, their reception was held in their family’s backyard making everything feel so summery and romantic. 

I’ve known Ben for a while now (we graduated in the same class - the week before their wedding actually!) but it was such a special experience getting to know Ben + Annie together. Their love for one another literally had my cheeks hurting from smiling so big. Their heart for the church they work at and the ministry they serve in is inspiring. And their special bond with their families had me 100% teary eyed -especially during speeches. 

I am so excited to see how marriage suits them and only adds to how incredible they are. 

But once again, I’m babbling about the romance when you should just go check it out for yourself! 

Believing for great things for Mr. and Mrs. McAlister on this new journey! 

Much love, 



Flowers: Budget Blooms  

Hair: Jill Offerings

Make Up: Erin from Gem's Hair and Make up

Dress: Designed and Made by the BRIDE

Videographer: Rob Wilson