You know that big snow dump that just happened in the Lower Mainland? Yeah, Robyn and Dylan's e-session was supposed to be right in the midst of it. Clearly, we weren't emotionally prepared for the wintry snow ( which my Ontario born and raised self is loving) so we bumped up the shoot by a few days and luckily missed the storm! 

   SO, instead of building snowmen and making snow angels, we wandered around Campbell Valley Park in the warm sunset. Robyn told me her favourite photos are the ones where her and Dylan are laughing and trust me, we got plenty of those. They were one of the easiest couples I've ever shot, all cuddly and giggly and such. Plus, they laughed at all of my lame jokes so I left feeling pretty freaking awesome. 

ANYWAY, enough about me. Check out these two lovebirds. 

Robyn + Dylan, I'm so thankful to have spent those two hours with you. You guys are clearly in love and clearly ready to BE married already. You are both beautiful people who are working your butts of in life. You deserve the love and joy one another brings. I cannot wait to shoot your wedding! But Dylan, you have to work on your jokes. Just saying "beaver" everytime I tell you to make Robyn laugh won't cut it forever haha. 
Much love,