So for those of you who are eager to see the photos, go ahead and scroll on down.

But for those of you who are interested to know a heart warming love story, stay awhile.

Here’s the kicker, the story isn’t just about David + Alanna. It’s actually about how they, as a couple, swept my husband and I off of our feet. Yup, you heard me.

A little bit over a year before the beautiful day you’re about to witness, I went to a show in Vancouver with Joey, my baaae. There I met this funny and expression-filled guy named David. He mentioned his girlfriend/soon to be fiancé to me and we talked briefly but Joey and David had a bromance thing going on so I apparently wasn’t THAT important. (I’m not bitter…)

Fast forward a few months, Joey and I are walking into the Keg in South Surrey and voila, the wonderful David and Alanna were just leaving. After giddy congratulations about their engagement and many questions about wedding planning (mostly from me because that’s my entire existence), I did something I have never done before. With shaky hands and a nervous sweat starting to break, I mentioned that if they didn’t have a photographer already, I’d love to touch base with them. I know, I know, I solicited myself in the Keg waiting area. I get it. But there was something about these two, even after a few minutes of knowing them together, that made me want to be a part of their love story.

And for those of you kind souls who are still reading - and who are probably cringing at my forward-ness - get this: Alanna emailed me shortly after to tell me that they had previously made a list of photographers they were interested in and I was their top one. She just didn’t know at the time that I was that “Hannah”. Mhmm, that’s right. My creepiness wasn’t in vain.

And alas, not only did we get to be a part of their beautiful and oh-so chill wedding day, but we gained some amazing, Jesus-loving, and freaking hilarious couple friends. 

Amen. The end. 

Here are some of their amazing vendors: 

Venue: Heron’s Bridge Estate

Hair: Kelsey 

Make-Up: Cassandra Lynn 

Florist: Mint + Moss Floral Design

Catering: Columbia Gourmet Catering

Cake: Spiritual Ingredients Bakery 

Dress: Mermaid Bridal

Suits: Moore’s 


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