I woke up on September 3rd to pouring rain outside of my bedroom window and instantly cringed. One, because summer was fading away into the wet and soggy thing we call Fall in the Lower Mainland. And two, because I still have yet to shoot a wedding in the pouring rain. I had no idea what to expect (although don't panic friends, I had indoor locations ready if we needed them...it's not my first rodeo). But each minute I got closer to Abbotsford, the sky got a little less scary and the rain got a little less angry. And before I knew it, Mckayla and Damien's wedding day was beginning and the mist couldn't stop us. 

So Mckayla and Damien, you guys are a special couple. You've been through a LOT together. You have persevered, fought, and endured. You've also laughed, danced, and loved. You guys have quite the amazing adventure ahead of you as a married couple and I am SO honoured that I got to be a part of your beginning. 

love you guys, 


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