Brayden and Angela have a special place in our hearts.

    Angela was my "bathroom buddy" (our rooms shared a bathroom in college, don't let your thoughts get weird people) and the first thing I learned about her was that "you'll hear her coming". Shortly after I received this piece of advice, I heard the most infectious laugh coming from the hallway. It was her, of course. She's bubbly, passionate, and an amazing Youth Pastor. Ange was also a huge piece of getting Joey (my husband) and I together. I crashed at her place in Bowmanville, ON during Christmas break in 2013 and by January, J and I were dating and madly in love. 
    Brayden, well he is kind of that big brother that picks on you and you can't help but love him too. They seriously are an amazing team, powerful leaders, and beautiful models (as you're about to see). But seriously, everyone in their families are hot. Like okay. 

ANYWAY. Brayden and Angela, your wedding was beautiful with its candle light and mountains. I'm so excited for your future as a married couple! 

AND COME ON, when your wedding is in Penticton and you feel like your face is melting, ice cream with the crew is a MUST. 

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