Okay, so I know you're probably thinking I hired talented models for this one but these guys really are THAT good looking and I might have pulled out some new posing tricks to set the mood. Least to say, we had a romantic session, embracing golden hour and one another (well...they embraced each other, I'm not THAT hands on okay people) at Blackie Spit Park in White Rock. 

  I met Tamara through an internship at a non-for-profit that encouraged and empowered young girls and I've loved her ever since.  We instantly bonded over the fact that we were both dating "Joey's". Many of our conversations consisted of "my Joey did this" and "MY Joey said that". It got confusing at times but we persevered. And finally, on this special day, I got to meet the infamous other Joey and he is a gem. These two are going to change their world's with their love for Christ, one another and the people around them. 

Cheering you guys on! xo