This adventure was one for the books.  My new husband, Joey, (that's right, I got married...but more about that another time) and I were strolling the roads of the Banff village on our honeymoon, preparing for our engagement shoot with Kenzie and Bailey (the beautiful couple you're about to encounter). When all of the sudden, we ran into an old friend from Ontario. One thing led to another and we were blessed with four free gondola tickets up Sulphur Mountain. A couple texts back and fourth later with these two and our plans for this shoot were completely changed. 

Despite the crazy weather they encountered on their two hour drive to Banff, the silly train that almost risked us missing the gondola, and the quick 20 minutes we had before the gondola workers left us on the mountain forever, I think these photos turned out pretty wonderful. 

ALSO, to Kenzie and Bailey, you two are one of a kind. You're easy to hang out with, so caring, and beyond passionate. Having a late night dinner with you guys and getting to know your hearts left us swooning over you. You are going to do crazy things to make an impact on this world and we were so happy to document your love in the process! xo

DSC_5091 copy.jpg

It's safe to say that Joey and I are in love with Banff's mountains, these warm, romantic photos and this AMAZING couple. 

ALSO, did you check out her ring? Isn't it gorgeous? AH.