I have known Tori and Devon since before they even met one another. I have spent time talking about life, wrestling with hard decisions, and finding support in each of them separately. And both will have you in stitches with every witty comment that slips from their mouths. They both demonstrate a deep love for those in need. And they both are walking encouragements, bringing joy to those who know them. That was them separately, I can’t imagine the sarcasm, the love, and the encouragement that will literally ooze from them as a married couple. 

    So Tori and Dev, thanks for the many talks. Some of which were just words in passing as you showed me around Vancouver for my first time. Some were hard talks, ones full of big decisions. And others were just refreshing and hilarious. I love you both deeply and I cannot wait to see what marriage adds to you both!

xo - Hannah

That bird was real. Crazy.