There are some shoots that I rush home to edit right away. This was definitely one of them. I hardly had time to get out of my soaking wet clothes before I curled up, ready to look at all of the images. 

   Brittany and Jordan were the absolute best. And although I could barely check the photos on my camera because the rain was coming down so hard and although we all almost got blown over by the wind a couple of times, they really made the best of it. You're going to see lots of them cuddled up due to the freaking, cold weather but hey, it's all a part of the experience. And lucky us, right at the end, a smidge of sun cracked through the horizon. 

Congrats on the engagement you guys. Your genuine love for eachother is evident (and made my job easy). Thanks for not just being cute but making it such a fun memory for Joey and I too. Can't wait for you guys to become Mr. and Mrs. 

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