This family is incredibly special to me. Perhaps it's because they have housed me, fed me, and loved me while I spent my first summer away from Ontario. Or maybe it's because they have accepted me as their own, or because they got me addicted to Grey's Anatomy, or maybe even because they use words like "percolate" in casual conversation.  All I know is that they have a very special spot in my heart. 

So enjoy these fun family photos! 

Disclaimer: This next blurb is going to be grossly sappy. 
And to the DenBrabers  (do you like how I even capitalized the "b"?), I love you more than words can say. You have taught me more than how to make good smoothies and how to try new foods. You've made a deep, special impact in my life that I believe is timeless. Every single one of you has made this summer one of my bests to date and I mean every single one of you. I love you, even though you won't pay for me wedding. (Just kidding) 

Don't mind the lack of post processing on this one. I couldn't resist posting it. They are seriously hilarious. 

 And yay for these beautiful newlyweds! 

And yay for these beautiful newlyweds! 

I love the DenBrabers, enough said.