I intended for this blog to be more than client work. Simply because photography for me goes beyond a job, it becomes a way of communication, expression, feeling. So for today's post, I have something a tad more personal. Enjoy!

I am a passionate person.

  I feel vibrantly, so vibrantly that I am constantly moved to action. My journey with photography started with those same striking feelings. Feelings for someone. Feelings for the art. Feelings to create. The point is something started inside of me and I couldn't help but run with it. 

 I love photography. I love people. I love my job. But ultimately, it's not my passion.  Before your mind jumps to the thought "well this is bad marketing", just listen. Photography is a gift I have, a gift I work hard at, a gift I love to use. But photography for me goes way back.

In fact, it goes all the way back to the four walls of my childhood bedroom. I woke up every morning to one of those walls absolutely covered in countless photographs. Many I took, a few I received, and some I even stole from my mother's albums. I loved it. I loved the way a photograph captured my parents in their youth. I loved the way I could almost remember events in my chubby, three year old body because of that mixture of paper and ink. I loved how every morning I woke up to the smiling faces of old and new friends. It made me feel deeply and vibrantly.

But ultimately, it moved me to see the world as big as I could at fourteen, fifteen, sixteen. In my own insecurities about my body, about my value, about my place in this world, photography taught me I had a voice. And I began to use it. I began to write and shoot and shoot and write. I wrote awful poems that didn't make any sense in my efforts to be "deep" and "philosophical". I took awkward self portraits in my efforts to be "raw" and "artistic". I just kept practicing because I knew I had something worth saying. I knew there were hurting people seeing my awkwardly "deep and raw" work and I wanted to use all my resources to bring healing and hope and even happiness into their lives for even a moment. 

You see photography was never my passion. It was a piece of it. It still is to a degree, but really it is the hurting people who need encouragement, who need purpose, who need to be reminded of their value. It's those people who I am  truly passionate about.

So for those of you who wonder why I don't post often, or why I'm not doing as much commercial work, or even those who patiently follow me despite my minimal activity - I'm just a bit busy right now. Not because I don't love photography. I do. But because I'm giving my summer, my four years of college, and my entire life to people like Brianna (this beautiful model you've been staring at). To a bunch of crazy teenagers who are full of potential and purpose and passion.

You know, all those fourteen, fifteen, sixteen year olds sitting in their photograph covered bedrooms, questioning their place in this big world. I'm passionate about them knowing they are loved by a big God, I'm passionate about them knowing they have the ability to make a difference in this world, and I'm passionate about them altering the atmosphere of their culture simply because someone told them "I believe in you".

And trust me, if you knew Brianna, you'd believe in her too.