My experience with Akol and Kristine can be summed up into one word - adventure. From climbing on a train bridge to dodging speedy runners and all of their many pets, this couple was willing to do anything in order to get the shot and they did it with a constant smile. 

Their bravery did not end with those adventures though. Kristine and Akol jumped at the opportunity to ask a passerby to use their horse. Yes, you read that right. A horse. (Although, Akol may or may not have been slightly afraid of our new friend). 

But regardless of all of the fun, these two were complete naturals. I'd love to say it was my expert coaching and posing but I think they are just really, really in love. (Feel free to say "aww" now, I know I did.)


Finally, our colourful, warm afternoon together ended near the water, skipping rocks and capturing smiles. 

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